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Terms of Use

The following are the terms and conditions that will govern the agreement (“Agreement”) between Legal Logik Inc. (“Logik”), you, the client (“Client”), and the services as defined on Logik’s website (“Website”). By accessing  and using the Website for services offered including but not limited to incorporation and any annual maintenance therefor, trademark applications and other business related services (collectively, the “Services”), the Client is agreeing to be bound by the Terms of Service hereof.

  1. Definitions

Client” means a natural or legal person who retains Logik’s services and/or consults Logik with the intent of obtaining Services;

Corporation” means a legal person operating a provincial corporation under the laws of the Quebec Business Corporations Act or a Federal Corporation operating under the laws of the Canada Business Corporations Act;

Invoice” means a document issued by Logik stating the amount payable and the terms of payment for services rendered;

Service Provider” means Legal Logik Inc. having a place of business at 7575 TransCanada, Suite 407, Montreal, Quebec, H7T 1V6;

Services” means completion of services requested by a client including but not limited to incorporation and any other corporate formation services, annual maintenance thereof, trademark applications and other business related services offered on the Logik site resulting in payment;

Website” means www.legallogik.com;

  1. Accurate Information and Client Conduct

When using the Services the Client agrees to the following a) provide information in complete and accurate manner; b) abide by all applicable provincial and federal laws c) not to create a false identity or otherwise attempt to mislead Logik or others. Notwithstanding the Services, Logik retains all rights to refuse Services to Client.

  1. Fees

The Client agrees that in consideration of Services to pay Logik the applicable Service fees, all fees payable are non-refundable unless provided otherwise. No extra-judicial fees and/or disbursements paid to the government or agencies acting on behalf of the government shall be refundable under any circumstances. Logik holds the right to charge interest on all remaining outstanding balancing after thirty (30) day period, at a rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum. A thirty-five dollar (35$) charge applies to all non-sufficient fund cheques. All fees are subject to change.

  1. Assignment and Transferability

The Client shall not assign this Agreement in whole or in part without Logik’s prior written consent. Any change in control t resulting from a merger, consolidation, share transfer or asset purchase shall be deemed an assignment or transfer for purposes of this Agreement that requires Logik’s prior written consent.

  1. Name Searches

Logik shall make no representations or warranties, express of implied, oral or written, as to the availability of any name in any jurisdiction. Logik assumes no risk or liability for the use of any name selected by the Client whether or not such name has been accepted for use by the relevant government department, agency or authority. The Client accepts and assumes complete responsibility for any risk of confusion with existing corporate names, business names and trade-marks, including without limitation, any name set out in any search report or name reservation provided by the Register of Enterprises or NUANS.

  1. Disclaimer of Legal Advice and Services

Any information contained on the Website is provided for general information only, is not exhaustive, does not constitute advice of any kinds (legal or otherwise) and does not nor should it replace competent legal, accounting and other professional advice. No representation or warranties express or implied, are given regarding the legal consequences resulting from the use of this information.

  1. Authorizing Authority

The Client duly authorizes Logik and Logik representatives for the purposes of the Corporation to prepare, sign, file, for and in the Corporation’s name, by any authorized means, including electronically and by internet, the following documents: a) any notice regarding the registered or head office of the Corporation, b) any notice regarding the directors of the Corporation, c) any Initial Declaration, any Annual Declaration, any Amending Declaration to file with Corporations Canada or the Québec Registrar of Enterprises) any document and any inscription in or for the Register of Personal and Moveable Real Rights (RDPRM), including publication, the correction, the amendment and the cancellation of any right or of any inscription whatsoever, e) any documents required to obtain tax number.

  1. Reporting Requirements

Logik is not responsible for advising or reminding the Client of any requirements or obligations, including but not limited to any annual reports, taxes due, or provincial or other judicial filing or publication requirements following the Services. Logik’s involvement in the Corporation terminates at the time the Corporation is created unless otherwise stipulated within the selected corporate package. Any requirements or obligations for the maintenance of the Corporation are not the responsibility of Logik. In particular, unless you have contracted for Logik to execute specific annual maintenance Services, any and all provincial or other jurisdictional filings or publication requirements in connection with the Corporation will be the Client’s sole responsibility.

  1. Termination

This Agreement shall terminate (i) automatically in the event that the Client breaches any terms and conditions of the present Agreement (ii) at the sole discretion of Logik if the Client fails to pay any invoices for any Services rendered in accordance with the terms and conditions specified on the Invoice.

  1. Acceptance of Agreement

By using the Website the Client acknowledges and agrees (i) that all the terms and conditions contained in the present Agreement are read and understood and the rights and obligations herein and affected hereby; (ii) that the Client is agreeing to the Agreement voluntarily, without duress and intends to be legally bound by this Agreement in accordance with each of its terms.